!!! Donations !!!

Donations help the world go around. 
All donations go to making my Youtube/Twitch channel a better place with more content and more fun. 
Every little bit helps!

$1-$4 = A shoutout on social media and a cyber hug!

$5 = A custom NerdyGirlNikki Pokemon Card!

$10 = Pokemon Card and a hand wirtten letter/picture!

$20 = ???

$ more = I doubt anyone will donate more. LOL

Also top donator of the month gets a special prize!

I also have a Wish List fill of Cosplay stuff I would love to get and use on my Youtube Channel.

 photo amazon_wishlist_zps3ee0d254.jpg
And if you wanna show me some love but don't have a ton of cash. I also have a Wish List for Pokemon Cards. 

 photo wishlistpokemon_zps781b31c2.jpg
As I said above if you send me your address along with any donation or Wish List item I will spend you a surprise in the mail!
Who doesn't love snail mail!
A huge thank you for all of your support! I couldn't do any of this without the love and support of all of you!
Cyber Hugs!

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