Saturday, April 19, 2014

Change is Different and That’s Okay

Ever since it was announced that there was going to be a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and that Michael Bay would be involved the internet has not stopped screaming. Because of his work on the Transformers franchise, fans all over the world are fearing the worst. Whether it may be about his reference to aliens, the leaked script, or their unnecessary hatred for Megan Fox. What many of these fans fail to realize is that Michael Bay is only producing this moving. Jonathan Liebesman is directing. He is the one who is behind the lens. What we see may have some Bay influence but Liebesman is definitely a key player here, but yet his name is not being dragged through the mud, it is Bay. I feel Michael Bay is being unfairly attacked in regards to this franchise. Now with that being said I do not think this movie will be an Oscar nominated film, but I do believe it will be action packed and a lot of awesome summer fun.

The thing with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that you have to remember is that they have gone through many different changes over the years. They actually have a large multiverse built upon them. Some turtle fans are completely against one iteration over another. Turtle fans can be a pertinacious bunch. I personally know some fans who cannot stand the multi-colored headbands. Did you know that the turtles started out as a comic book and they all had red headbands? If not, that’s your turtle fact for the day… Anyways, some fans are against the colors. They feel that having different colors does not unite the turtles as a clan of deadly stealthy ninjas.

I say all of this because if you have seen the new TMNT trailer the first thing you will notice about the new turtle CGI renderings are that the turtles are HUGE, the next thing you might notice is that they have on a lot of garb. One might wonder how you can be stealthy when you have necklaces and other noisy accessories on while doing ninja things. While I can agree that the extra accessories might not make sense in that regard, maybe it will fit in with the movie, but if I were to dwell on minor details like this I would be hard pressed to enjoy anything fictional.

The other big complaint about the new designs is that the turtles looks like Shrek. While I do see the similarities I also think the new look is awesome. The design is more turtle than it ever has been before, aside from last years Out of The Shadows video game, in which the turtles look amazingly like… turtles. They remind me of some of Dave Rapoza’s fan work. I could go back in time and claim that the original 1980’s Fred Wolf turtles looked more like goofy humanoid frogs than turtles, and let’s not forget how froggy the turtles from the 2007 movie were but I must digress. More recently though, go back two years when the new Nickelodeon show was announced and the designs came out with fans aghast at the mean green team having three toes. The biggest issue that was heard all around the forums was about the turtles having three toes. Three toes. Really? Something as silly as the number of toes filled the forums with pages and pages of complaints for weeks and months until the show came out. Don’t even mention that the turtles have always had three fingers, but adding that additional toes to some was blasphemy. Look at the success of the show now, it is phenomenally awesome. Regardless of how many toes there are, I feel the same will happen with the newest movie.

There will always be some fans who completely dislike the movie and are against everything related to it, but there will be many more who recognize that the turtles have changed, and that this is a new branch off the multiverse. It may not be the same turtles you grew up with and love, but they are still Ninja Turtles. Leo is still the leader, Raph is still the hothead, Mikey is still the goofy one, and Donnie is still the nerd.

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Written by guest blogger Richie @83rw

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