Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Amazing Spider Man 2 Easter Eggs

This post will contain SPOILERS! So if you haven't seen Amazing Spider Man 2 yet you might want to click away. This is about the Easter Eggs in the movie, so I will try to avoid saying too much about the plot of the movie. If you would like to know the Easter Eggs ahead of time so you can be on the look out for them when you watch the movie then go ahead and read on. 

The 1st fight we see in the movie is between Spider Man and Aleksei Sytsevich. At the end of the fight Aleksei is tie by webs in the middle of the street with his pants down. There we see that he is wearing rhino undies. This is foreshadowing his role as the Rhino. 

Inside the Oscorp's weapon vault we see a oddly familiar looking black ball of goop. With the news of a Venom movie in the works this makes every Venom fan super happy. I know it made me happy!

I giggled a little when I heard Peter's ringtone. It was the original Spider Man tv theme song. A long with that, the itty bitsy spider tuned played by Electro was pretty funny too. 

This scene had a number of Easter Eggs. The outfit worn here by Emma Stone is based off the outfit Gwen Stacy wore in the comic on the night she died. After the gears break the clock stops on 1:21. This is referring to Amazing Spider Man #121, where Gwen Stacy dies on the comics. 

This Easter Eggs won't be able to be seen until the home release of Amazing Spider Man 2. This scene was replaced by the X Men: Days of Future Past clip. The original plans was to have this scene where we see the head of Norman Osborne, being held in the Secret Project base, awaken. 

Hope you enjoyed these little Easter Eggs. I know I am always on the look out for Easter Eggs in movies like this.

Did you see any other Easter Eggs? Let me know!

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