Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Arrow Season Finale and The Flash!

It's an all out war on the season finale of Arrow. Team Arrow vs Team Deathstroke, kill or be killed. 
jbaidbquibduqbxiabiqdbwbd!!!!!! Those are my emotions over this. I love this show. I can't wait to watch it every week and once a week just isn't enough to me. It took me a good minute to get into this show, but once I did it was all over, my addiction had set in. So much has happened to get us to this point and I'm so super sad to see it go for the whole summer. 

This trailer shows us more than just the season finale of Arrow. It also give us a sneak peek at the upcoming CW show The Flash. And OMG! I was never really a huge Flash fan, but this show has really got me excited. I'm just hoping the CW keeps with the darker theme, like Arrow. 

What are your thoughts of this season of Arrow so far? What are your hopes for The Flash? 

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