Tuesday, May 20, 2014

August the Selfie month in DC Universe

Selfie, the act of taking a picture of yourself and/or yourself with friends. Selfies have become huge in this day and time where we have cameras in our pockets at all times. They are great for when we all become senile and will need them to remind us who are friends used to be and what outfit we wore that day. I am a huge selfie taker and not ashamed. Well now DC Comics is jumping on board the crazy, duck face, selfie train. In September, DC Comics will release selfie covers of some of their biggest comic books. Who would look better doing the duck face Batman or Superman? I think Bruce Wayne would definitely look sexy in front of the bathroom mirror showing off his abs. Here is a list of the comics that will be sporting their best selfie;

And here are some lovelies with their DC themed Selfies!

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