Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Could Joker be joining Batman vs Superman?

That is the question that is circling the inter webs right now. Larry Fong, the director of photography on Batman vs. Superman ( I will be really happy when that damn movie gets a real name, It's Man of Steel 2 right?) tweeted this picture a from the set of Man of Steel 2. And what do we all think we when hear Batman and see a playing card? JOKER! DUH! But that could not be the case here. 

Could this be a huge cruel joke on Batman fans? I am so hoping not. But I also feel that if they throw the Joker into this movie it could be too much. The movie is already packed with so many huge characters that I'm fearing that they all will out shine the main characters, Superman and Batman. I am super excited for this movie, but I fear that they are trying to hard to give us everything we want. We want to see all these characters, but do we really wanna see them all packed into one movie. You know this movie will have to be every bit of 4 hours long. 

What are your thoughts and fears for this upcoming Man of Steel 2? Or could I be just way over thinking the whole thing and it's going to be amazing.  

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