Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Neighbors Review by Mandi Mayhem

How many variations exist of the word "hilarious"? Cuz I'm gonna need all of them.
Neighbors DESTROYED the box office over the weekend, and I'm fairly certain that, other than the fact that its vulgarity catapults you into an hour and a half of side-splitting laughter, it bridges the gap between the high school/college crowd and the "oh, crap, when did I become an adult?" audience. (Side note: I belong to the latter.) First, and foremost, the obvious draw of the film: There is Zac Effron, the uber cool eye candy, who is all the rage with my younger peers; and the comical and awkward-ish Seth Rogen. The unlikely pair are a match made in comedy heaven, and are somehow both able to pull off the raunchy, immature humor that typically makes my eyes roll.
Delta Psi, a party fraternity, moves next door to a coming-of-age couple that are afflicted with arrested development after having a baby and failing at preserving their former lifestyle. Mac and Kelly immediately set out to make sure the new residents "keep it down", all while trying to maintain that they are still cool. Frat leaders, Teddy and Pete, use their pretty boy charm to convincingly vow to conduct a hushed presence, in exchange for a promise to come to them in lieu of the cops, should a problem arise. So of course, the next night, the party boys do what they do best, prompting the couple to knock on their door and remind them of their deal. Teddy and Pete decide to schmooze them and treat them to a drunken good time. Mac and Kelly leave the next morning, and having bonded with their younger counterparts, remind them of their pact. You guessed it, there's immediately another party, but this time Teddy ignores Mac's attempts to contact him personally, forcing him to break his promise and get the police involved. This hurts Teddy's feelings (surprisingly, yes, he has them), forcing him to retaliate.
Integenerational Warfare ensues!
You can leave your brain at home watching this engaging mix of Hangover and Animal House-like antics. Admire the funny that is Rose Byrne (seriously, who knew? That chick had my sides hurting!). Enjoy the unanticipated morals and unforeseen character development. And, if you're like me, feel a little bit better about being in that awful "wanting to be at the party, but realizing family is more important" stage.  

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