Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New TMNT Movie Trailer

Paramount recently ran a Twitter/voting campaign to find out who your favorite turtle is. As the votes poured into www.TurtleReveal.com photos of the mean green team were revealed, and then finally today after all four photos were unlocked a new trailer was released. This trailer is amazing! It shows all four turtles and even Splinter and Shredder. All of the major characters have now been revealed and it looks like Paramount is in full media blitz mode with partnerships with Pizza Hut, Crush Soda and more!

Check out the four released photos and the newest trailer below.

Stay tuned for more TMNT information in the future, the new movie toys have been finally released, so expect a nice review that can only be found here at CtrlAltNerd.com!

-Richie (@83rw)

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