Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2k3/4Kids Series Write Up

After the travesty that is known at The Next Mutation the turtles property seemed to take a chill pill for a few years. During this time Kevin Eastman would sell his share of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to co-creator Peter Laird. After the sale, 4Kids and Peter Laird teamed up to produce a new TMNT series (some call this series the 2k3 series, others call it the 4kids series). This time Peter would have more control and would take the series back to its original comic roots, while also still maintaining a somewhat lighthearted aspect.

The series ran for seven seasons. The sixth season (entitled Fast Forward) sent the turtles into the future 100 years and found them working alongside Cody Jones the great-grandson of April and Casey. At the end of the season the turtles make it back to the present day. In the last season (entitled Back to The Sewers) the turtles as well as April got a minor makeover to look more in-line with their 2007 movie counterparts. 

The series ended with a fantastic movie entitled Turtles Forever which found the turtles teamed up with their 1980s counterparts to go up against Shredder who has decided to destroy all of the TMNT multiverses. The series ended in 2009 with the sale to Nickelodeon. The 2K3 series is one of the best TMNT series to ever be made, however it does not seem to get as much recognition as the original series and now that the new Nickelodeon series is making huge numbers it doesn't look like it ever will.

Some of the DVD releases for this series are very hard to find and can catch a lot of money online, so if you ever spot them be sure to pick them up as this series is definitely worth watching. However good luck finding Season 7 anywhere except Australia as it has not even been released in here in the U.S.

Fun Facts! 4Kids held a contest for fans to create the theme song for the 7th season of the show.

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