Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review TMNT Movie IV (unreleased movie)

The fourth unmade live-action movie was already in pre-production in 1994, but would stay there for years until 2007's release of the cgi film titled TMNT. 

The movie was going to be titled "TMNT: The Next Mutation". Concepts for the movie had begun to take shape and it was said that a new turtle named Kirby would now join the Turtles. The turtles would also face a next step in their mutations (see images).

Not much has been said about this unreleased movie other than what has been posted on Peter Laird's blog and a few other remote areas of the Internet. While we would never see a fifth turtle on the big screen, we did see one come to the small screen on Saban's The Next Mutation. The show did have the same name as the movie, so you have to wonder if one are in the same.

Learn more about the unreleased TMNT Movie at MutantOoze.org!

-Richie (@83rw)

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