Thursday, August 7, 2014 was started in 2009 with the idea of posting TMNT news and information. However that idea expanded into a project that was much larger than I had anticipated. I had decided that it would be cool to create a website that had information on pretty much everything TMNT related. This included all of the comics, tv shows, movies, toys, and more.

To date there are a little more than 2,700 posts on about the turtles. The site has gone through a few different redesigns with the most recent redesign happening before the start of the 30 Days of TMNT. 

You can also find on Twitter (, Facebook (, Youtube (, and Tumblr (

If you ever have anything to contribute to MutantOoze or have want to make a site suggestion or comment about the website feel free to comment on the website or email!

-Richie (@83rw)

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