Monday, August 4, 2014

The Nickelodeon Series

In 2012 Nickelodeon premiered the newest iteration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This time it was in CGI animation, with Jason Biggs voicing Leo, Sean Astin voicing Raph, Rob Paulsen voicing Donnie, Greg Cipes voicing Mikey, Mae Whitman voicing April, and Kevin Michael Richardson voicing the Shredder. 

The series is just about finishing up its second season and recently announced was that Jason Biggs would be replaced by Seth Green! This season also brought Corey Feldman back to the turtles voicing Slash. Roseanne and other comedians have lent their voices to the series, making the voice acting just as interesting as the show itself.

The turtles find themselves fighting the Kraang and Shredder quite often. Other villains have included the Rat King, Spiderbytes, Rahzer who was formerly Dog Pound, Fish Face and more! Rocksteady and Bebop have recently appeared in their human form but are expected to turn into mutants in the very near future.

Nickelodeon has done a fantastic job with this series. I hope it can continue and be as popular as it was with the first series. Already there is merchandise and toys and plenty of other TMNT branded gear based on the new series. Nickelodeon is also catering to the adult fans with bring back some classic toys and other products featuring the original turtles.

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