Thursday, November 6, 2014

PokeMMO Gameplay Part 1

Here ya go guys, my 1st gameplay video. I'm super nervous to even have this up. The internet can be a very mean place. And in this day and age were there are so called "Gamers" and " Fake gamers" I'm scared. 
Growing up I didn't have many friends. I did have a N64 and Pokemon. They were my friends. The path of a Pokemon Master can be a lonely one. I got made fun of for liking pokemon when most girls my age were getting into makeup and boys. When I got older and found the internet I found friends that liked the same things I did. I finally found my place. 
Then it turned ugly. Geeks and Nerds were making fun of each other. I don't get it. We are all out casts, lets not make it worse then it has to be. 

Ok sorry for the mini rant there. 
Please enjoy my video and be nice to one another.  

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