Thursday, February 12, 2015

Taking a Break

Every now and then a writer needs a break. Right now is that time for me. I love writing. I love reading comics and telling everyone what I think about them. But there comes a time where writing feels like a chore to me. Right now is that time. I seem to dread reading comics because I know if I read it I will have to write a review for it. I don't want to ruin the things I love. 
I'm not saying I won't return to writing comic reviews. I will be back at the beginning of next month. Hopefully this time will give me the rest I need and I can come back better than ever. 
I thank all of you for all of the support and love y'all have given me. 
Until my return I will still be making videos for my Youtube Channel. I will be making game plays and my pull list videos. And as I read comics I will be posting comments about them on my Twitter account. . So be sure you are follow me to hear all about my thoughts!
Thank you all again and have a wonderfully nerdy day!

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