Monday, April 21, 2014

All New X Men #27 sneak peek

The Future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants return in All New X Men #27. It's been a while since we have seen theBrotherhood of Evil Mutants. The last time we seen them was the Battle of Atom. They have been in hiding ever since. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is made up of Raze Logan, son of Wolverine and possibly Mystique;Molly Hayes, who has superhuman strength and the power to talk to the dead; Charles Xavier III, who killed his twin in the womb; and Ice Hulk, apart of the power that the future Ice Man has but wasn't able to adsorb back into himself so he looks like a giant ice Hulk.
They have been plotting their move against the All New X Men. And Jean Grey has returned from outer space with some new, uncontrollable powers. What will happened when the two teams come together? We will find out when All New X Men #27 comes out in May.
                                             To see the Sneak Peek click HERE!

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