Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Gameboy

Happy 25th birthday to Game Boy!
Game Boy turns 25 today!

Now 10 facts about Game Boy!

  1. Best selling console of all time with over 118 million units sold. 
  2. Game Boy was licensed under Samsung to sell more units. 
  3. Girls account for about half of all Game Boy players. 
  4. Using a Isek you could sew with the Game Boy. 
  5. A bombed Game Boy is on display at the NYC store. 
  6. Started the Pokemon game craze in 1996. 
  7. It's were a lot of us took our 1st selfies and printed them.
  8. Made a appearance in The Simpsons and BMO is designed after it.  
  9. For around $25,000 you can get a Game Boy gold platted with diamonds. Now that's fancy.
  10. Had the smallest digital camera at the time. Let me take a selfie!

What do you love the best about Game Boy?


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