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30 Facts About TMNT

1 - In the original TMNT movie all three news women seen or mentioned in the film have the name of a month; April, May, and June.

2 - In the original TMNT movie at the Foot Warehouse, the boxes in the foreground near the skate half-pipe read Mirage, which was the original comic book company that originally published the TMNT comic.

3 - The original TMNT movie was the highest-grossing independent film of all time, having made over $133 million in domestic box office.

4 - In the original TMNT movie near the end of the film, one of the street punks says to the police chief, "Check out East Warehouse on Lairdman Island." The creators of the TMNT were Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

5 - David Forman, the performer inside the Leonardo costume in the original movie, also made a cameo as a Ninja Turtle in Richard Curtis film Benrard and The Genie.

6 - Michelan Sisti, the performer inside the Michaelangelo costume, also plays the pizza delivery man who delivers the pizza to the Turtles' sewer in the original movie.

7 - In the original TMNT movie trailer there is a shot of the turtles rising up from what looks like a swamp. The shot was cut from the final release but is part of the longer scene that was later used near the end of TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze.

8 - In the original movie, David Forman, the performer inside the Leonardo costume, also plays a gang member in the warehouse when Casey Jones defeats Tatsu.

9 - In the original movie, Josh Pais, who plays Raphael, also plays a passenger in the back of a taxicab who says, "What the heck was that?" right after Raphael hops on the cab's hood.

10 - In the original movie, Leif Tilden, the performer inside the Donatello costume, also plays the Foot Messenger that meets April in the subway station. He says, "We've been looking for you, Miss O'Neil," then he slaps her.

11 - Playmates toys who produced the TMNT toy line declined to produce any movie based toys off the film due to the violent content language and overall dark tone the movie presented. However, with the lighter tone of the sequel released a year later, Playmates would release the very popular and now highly collectible Movie Start TMNT assortment.

12 - According to the audio commentary on the German version of the original DVD movie. The movie was originally planned to be made and released before the cartoon was on the air. The movie was intended to be a direct comic book adaption in the mid 1980s, but no studio or country (except France and Germany) wanted to invest in the project.

13 - The Yellow raincoat that April is wearing in the beginning of the original movie is a play on the yellow jumpsuit that she wears in the comics and cartoon.

14 - In the original movie it took three puppeteers to operate the Splinter puppet. Kevin Clash performs the puppet while the facial expressions are remote controlled by another puppeteer and the arms are controlled by the puppeteer who works along with Kevin during the performances of the puppet.

15 - Skeet Ulrich from the movie Scream was an uncredited thug in the original movie as was Sam Rockwell who was cast as Head Thug.

16 - The scientific name for TMNT is Tortiesa Adolicious Ninjitsua Mutalia.

17 - Rob Paulsen voiced Raphael in the original cartoon. He now voices Donatello in the new Nickelodeon series.

18 - Turtles Forever was originally suppose to have a theatrical release.

19 - The Fugitoid was the first character created in the TMNT universe.

20 - Uncle Phil (James Avery) voiced Shredder in the original cartoon series.

21 - Corey Feldman who voiced Donatello in the first and third TMNT movies now voices Slash in the Nickelodeon series.

22 - Wrestler Kevin Nash played "Super Shredder" in the second TMNT movie.

23 - TMNT creator Peter Laird favorite turtle is Donatello.

24 - TMNT creator Kevin Eastman's favorite turtle is Raphael.

25 - The original TMNT comic book was a parody of several different comics at the time, including DareDevil, Ronin, and the Young Mutants.

26 - The original cartoon was riddled with errors. There would be instances of the same turtle appearing on the screen at the same time, or different actors voicing different turtles.

27 - Robbie Rist returned to voice Michaelangelo in the TMNT fan film Casey Jones.

28 - The first TMNT license came in the form of a role-playing game by Palladium.

29 - On April 21, 1990 a drug prevention television special was broadcast on ABC, NBC, and CBS named Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue that featured some of the most popular cartoons at the time; representing TMNT was Michelangelo, voiced by Townsend Coleman.

30 - In the 2014 movie, the turtles were originally going to be aliens from a different dimension.

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