Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review TMNT Movie 4 (2007)

Kevin Munroe and Imagi came on board and put together a great CGI film in March of 2007. It was seen as a continuation from the original three movies but in fresh CGI. 

The cast included voice actors such as Nolan North as Raphael, James Arnold Taylor as Leonardo, Mitchell Whitfeild as Donatello, Mikey Kelley as Michelangelo, Chris Evans as Casey, and Sarah Michelle Gellar as April. Patrick Stewart also voiced the new character Winters.

The movies find Leonardo away from his brothers on a training missions sent by Splinter. He feels that the community he is in now needs him against thieves and bandits but April (who happens to be there in research for Winters) let's Leo know that his brothers need him as well.

Leo returns but Winters has other plans for the research April is conducting and ends up releasing monsters and stone generals onto New York City and it is up to the Turtles to work as a team to save the planet.

I felt like this movie has potential but fell short in character depth and length of the film. There was rumor of a sequel that was Mikey focused where his brothers de-mutate back into pet turtles and it's up to Mikey to get them back to their mutated selves. 

The above is the only promotional image release for the sequel.

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