Friday, July 18, 2014


After the sale of the TMNT property to Viacom/Nickelodeon in 2009 much was wondered as to what would happen with the comic series. That question was answered in 2011 when Nickelodeon announced a new comic series in partnership with IDW. After being away from the turtles for so many years Kevin Eastman was back on board as a co-writer and cover artist. Eastman has also helped out with art duties on an issue here and there. Tom Waltz was also brought on board as the main writer with Dan Duncan as the artist bringing the turtles back to life.

Waltz and company have taken the best parts of the TMNT multiverse and have injected it with steroids and brought new life into the series. The series has some new characters along with some of our beloved characters making a huge comeback. IDW has also released a few different "micro-series" comics. Starting with the heroes and then moving onto the villains, and more. The IDW universe has quickly become my favorite TMNT comic series to date.

Be sure to check out your local comic shop for back issues and pre-order the latest releases as it is definitely worth picking up. While Dan Duncan is no longer on art duties, Mateus Santolouco has been at the top of his game since he took over the regular series. Artists such as Ben Bates, Ross Campbell, David Peterson, and more have all provided their versions of turtles for the series and the list of talent only grows.

One of my only complaints about the series is the large amount of variant covers produced with each issue. It makes collecting cumbersome. Issue 1 had almost 15 different cover variants! It doesn't take away from the series at all, but it would be nice for more collection comics of the covers like they did with the Eastman Cover Gallery issue.

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