Monday, July 14, 2014

Review Mirage TMNT Vol.4

Peter Laird and Jim Lawson brought the turtles back to their roots with the simply-titled TMNT comic in December of 2001. This series also known as Volume 4 was published bi-monthly. This series picks up 15 years after the conclusion of Volume 2 (thus omitting from continuity the events of Volume 3). The turtles are now in their early thirties. The Utroms have made their race known to Earth, and because of this the turtles no longer have to spend their days in hiding. Volume 4 is a little slower of a series but the depth in which the turtles go is very satisfying.

The first issue has the turtles much older but yet still fighting a gang of thugs called the Madhattan Maulitia. As the turtles intend to return home, Mikey is struck by a bus, Donnie crashes into a sewer wall, and April and Casey are headed to the doctor to find out about their pregnancy. Cover by Peter Laird and Michael Dooney, written by Peter Laird, penciled by Jim Lawson, inks by Peter Laird. First printing was in December of 2001. So far there has been 32 issues of Volume 4 with issue 32 being released this year on Free Comic Book Day, almost 5 years since the release of issue 30 which was the last issue to see print (issue 31 was released digitally via Peter Laird blog).

Laird has said that there are only a few issues left in Volume 4 which finish the tale of the turtles’ saga within the Mirage Universe. After Peter's sale of the TMNT property to Viacom in 2009 he made sure to include in the sale the right to continue TMNT comics within the Mirage Universe. So hopefully he will continue the story, even if it is one issue every few years.

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