Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review Mirage Tales of TMNT Vol.2 #1

After a sixteen year hiatus Tales of the TMNT are back with Vol.2. The first issue had its first printing in January of 2004. Cover art by Michael Dooney, written by Steve Murphy, Artwork by Dario Brizuela, layouts by Jim Lawson, and letters by Eric Talbot. The series focuses on events that occur throughout the turtles’ lives, including some of the “lost” fifteen years occurring between Vol.2 and Vol.4. The final issue of Tales Vol.2 was released in May 2010, completing a six year

Peter Laird brought the Tales series back to life with his team at Mirage Studios taking over artwork duties on 99% of the issues and giving independent artists their chance to take on the turtles. Issue one finds Dario Brizuela at the helm of art duties. In this issue we find the youthful turtles taking their first trip out without Master Splinter. They are seeking out a fresh water supply located on a mysterious map that Donatello found in an old book about the beginnings of New York City. After much exploration in long forgotten parts of the sewers, the turtles discover more than just water.

Spanning across 70 issues the Tales of TMNT Vol.2 series is a great way to fill in the gaps between their regular adventures. They create an impressive world where it takes the turtles back to their childhood all the way to their end. It is definitely a series worth picking up if you can find it. IDW has started releasing reprinting’s of the Tales series so be sure to contact your local comic shop to place an order.

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