Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review of Mirage TMNT Vol.2 #1

Mirage launched TMNT Vol.2 in October 1993 as a full-color series that continued from Vol.1. This series was written and illustrated by long-time TMNT team member Jim Lawson. This series only lasted thirteen issues before being canceled in October 1995. The cancellation was due to declining popularity and lagging sales of the series. The series would end in October of 1995 and was thought to be ended until Image released Volume 3 in June of 1996.

Spoilers ahead - In this issue Splinter has a violent dream and he takes Donatello to a shrine where they can meditate. While there, Donatello sees a vision of the future. Casey dreams of his monstrous alter ego. April dreams she's being chased and captured by Baxter Stockman. Raphael dreams about battling a giant rat and Leonardo awakes upon a table, surrounded by aliens, who inject him with something... 

The cover of this issue is by A.C. Farley, written and penciled by Jim Lawson, inked by Jason Temujin Minor, colored by Mary Woodring, and lettering by Mary Kelleher. There is also a 4 page story by Eric Talbot and Jim Lawson!

While the volume two series isn’t the highlight of the TMNT comic universe it is beautifully crafted and serves its purpose. It was the first full color series of the turtles in the Mirage universe. Many of the covers are beautiful and worth the price of admission alone. Art by Peter Laird, Kevin Eastman, Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot, and more! This is a series worth picking up. There were no second printings of the regular series from Mirage but fortunately for you they still have copies that you can purchase directly from Mirage (

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