Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review Image TMNT Vol.3 #1

Erik Larsen came to the rescue in June 1996, with the publication of a third volume under the Image Comics banner. The series was written by Gary Carlson and penciled by Frank Fosco. This series also marked the return to black and white artwork. The series is supposed to be a continuation from Volume 2 but Peter Laird removed it from continuity when starting volume 4. However, using Gary's notes, TMNT fan Andrew Modeen brought together several TMNT artists from the past with Arseniy Dubakov illustrating the majority of the two issues. What came out was a spectacular two issue fan comic tying both Volume 3 and Volume 4 together.

Issue one finds our turtles being attacked in their lair by a group of cyborgs lead by the female ninja Pimiko. Donatello and Splinter are captured and a series of events leaves half of the team broken beyond repair. Cover by Erik Larsen, written by Gary Carlson, pencils by Frank Fosco, inks by Erik Larsen and Chance Wolf, with letters by Chris Eliopolous. The first and only printing of issue #1 was in June 1996. There was a trade released of the first five issues in 1997, but no other additional trades have been released.

This series is getting harder and harder to come by these days and is definitely an exciting read. If you pick up this series it is a must that you grab a free copy of #24 and #25 that help conclude and tie the series back into main continuity (

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